Commercial Flooring

Fab Floors Pty Ltd specialises in a wide variety of commercial flooring including:

  • Vinyl Tiles & Sheet
  • Luxury Vinyl Tiles & Planks
  • Anti Static Sheet Vinyl
  • Safety Sheet Vinyl
  • Wall Vinyl
  • Carpet Tiles & Direct Stick Carpet
  • Vinyl Skirting
  • Stair Nosings

Wall sheet vinyl

Wall sheet vinyl is a durable, hygienic, low maintenance wall covering used in areas like Hospitals, Science Laboratories and Pharmaceutical premises which provides an excellent barrier to bacteria, dirt and infection.

Floor Preparation and Removal of Floor Coverings.

Fab Floors Pty Ltd offers the latest technology in flooring machines which provides you with exceptionally fast & efficient results. Our company performs a wide range of floor preparations & removals such as:

  • Diamond grinding (Dust free)
  • Dust free concrete shaving
  • Ardit Levelling
  • Concrete grinding
  • Grinding off Epoxy, Sealant & Paint.
  • Take up of floor coverings

Expansion Joint Covers

An Expansion Joint is a structural gap designed to accommodate the movement of a building in a controlled manner, preventing damage to the internal and external finishes of a building. Without an Expansion Joint the building movement will cause damage to the building often making it unsafe. We supply & Install a variety of Expansion Joints (Aluminium, Brass, EPDM Rubber, Heavy Duty Stainless Steel, Fire Seals, etc) to various buildings including Shopping Centres, Office Buildings, Car Parks, etc.

Stair Nosings & Trims

Stair Nosings & Trims are used on constructed surfaces such as stairs, platforms, walkways, ramps, in between flooring with different heights to reduce the risk of pedestrian slips and falls, and to enhance public safety.

Take up of Existing Floorcoverings

Take up existing floorcoverings using Kanga Take Up machines which have been converted to LPG gas which are suitable for use inside Shopping Centres, Buildings, Warehouse, etc. We do not take up flooring or adhesive containing Asbestos.

Shot Blasting

Shot Blasting is a one-step method for stripping, cleaning and profiling surfaces in preparation for coatings and overlays using a steel ball shot system. Shot Blasting produces a roughened texture that improves adhesion of decorative toppings, they also leave surfaces dry and immediately ready for recoating or resurfacing.